Hostel Limitations

Chad and I now find outselves in a lovely wee village (if you use the Canadian terms of classifying it; since it has a cathedral, they think it is a city) of Stirling, Scotland. We are here because it is close to my awesome friend Grace, and it is always an adventure to visit her.


The biggest adjustment on this leg of the trip isn’t that we finally saw snow fall and actually stick to the ground. The biggest adjustment is that up until now, we have been living in our own little space (either hotel rooms or apartments) and had a bit more freedom. Now, however, we are living in a hostel. This means I haven’t been keeping up with my exercises (besides walking a ton). Cooking becomes more complicated because we have to wait our turn in the kitchen. And we actually left for an overnight trip on Valentines Day to get some privacy in my favourite city, Edinburgh.

All of that isn’t so bad. The reason I am writing this post so early, however, is the fact that the only other person in our 12 bed dorm seems to have some medical problem that makes them snore so loudly that I cannot sleep. I went to bed early last night, as I started to fall asleep while reading, and when he went to bed, I woke up. And again at 1am. And 3am. And I’ve been up since about 5am, finally getting out of bed around 7am. Somehow, Chad is still in there, but I escaped to the common room to catch up on Facebook.

Anyway, assuming I don’t pass out by the time Chad and Snoring Guy get up, Chad and I are planning to visit Stirling Castle today. I visited on a day trip with my Mommy back in 2009, but there have been lots of renovations since then, so I am looking forward to it. I’ll hopefully convince Chad to bring his camera as well, since he takes gorgeous photos, and we’ll make a day of it (which you pretty much have to at the price of 13 quid per person). Speaking of budget, we have about 7 weeks left, and I’m really hoping that my $5000 will stretch that far. The Excel spreadsheet I am keeping is telling me that I don’t have much left, especially with the amount we are spending to stay in Dublin next month (let alone how expensive it will be to drink there), but I figure that is what Christmas money is for. I just need to make sure that I have some cash on hand when I get home, so I can get the last few things I need for my brother’s wedding. And then return to the reality of needing a job.

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