Blyth Fish & Chips

Today, we walked 16.6km, round trip, to go visit the sea side and have some excellent fish & chips at Coastline in Blyth. Strangely enough, it wasn’t windy today (which is uber weird for this area), and the weather was perfect for this trip – a tiny hint of crispness in the air, but not overly cold. According to my step counter, I burned over 800 calories, which pretty much makes up for the fish & chips, which were delicious.

The haddock was the length of my forearm.

The haddock was the length of my forearm.

This particular restaurant is a local favourite, and although it was the least busy our hosts had ever seen it, there were maybe 2 tables available inside and people sitting outside/taking their fish & chips as takeaway to the sea side.

Blyth Sea Side

Along with lunch, there was tasting of really delicous, old school ice cream – I really enjoyed the wee bit of mint ice cream I snagged (and would have got my own, if I had been able to find some lactose intolerance pills, since I ran out while we were on Crete). It was a very enjoyable walk to and from the beach, and we paused to take a wee jaunt along the beach and let the boys play in the park adjacent for a little while.

Needless to say, we were all zonked out from all the exercise and fresh air. Chad even had a nap. I love getting that much movement into our adventures.


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One thought on “Blyth Fish & Chips

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal! We do a range of sorbets that are lactose free if you come back to the area, even chocolate sorbet!

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