Cretian Relaxation

My volume of posts has dramatically decreased since we got to Crete, but I assume you that this is not because we haven’t enjoyed our stay. Quite the opposite – we have loved our time here, but we have taken a much more relaxing approach to this location. Heraklion (or Gazi, the subdivision in which we are residing) is very quiet this time of year, and we unconciously decided to take things nice a slow.

Chad got a lot of programming done, I got a lot of my zombie blog written (more importantly, I havne’t given up on it, which is unusual because I tend to start hating the fiction I write after a few days), and I even started a blog on which I post my fitness updates (so this blog could be focused on travel once more). I’ve read tons of Kathy Reichs novels, and have even made it through 4.5 Harry Potter books since we got here (which I had never read before). We’ve started watching Heroes (which I enjoy – when it was aired, I missed an episode early on and then was confused the next time I watched it, so I never stuck to a viewing schedule; I also moved to Europe near the end of the first season, and missed the rest of it).

I looked in the mirror earlier before I started my last Cretian workout and was pleased that I can actually see some progress. My waist it getting very slim, and I like what I see.

The next couple months are going to go at a much faster pace. We fly to London in a few hours, then stay over night in the bus station for our 9am departure to Newcastle to see David and Emmie, a couple of lovely friends who I haven’t seen since 2009 – and we get to meet their two little boys, for which I am very excited as all the photos I gave seen of them on Facebook are ridiculously adorable. We’ll likely hit Edinburgh again, and then visit the lovely and talented Grace in Stirling. We will be housesitting in Biggleswade near the end of the month, and plan to hit Dublin for St. Paddy’s, then follow the awesome talented Joey Clarkson around on tour in the UK. Busy, busy, busy, but I am looking forward to the challenge of keeping up with my fitness while seeing friends and having face-paced adventures.

Next update will be from Newcastle. Thanks for having us, Crete.

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