New Blog; This One Will Focus on Travel Once More

Hello lovely people following me around Europe (and I mean that in the least creepy way),

I know I have posted quite a few fitness blog posts here in the last little while, and since that’s not what travellers want to read, I have decided to start a blog specifically for my fitness updates. It is called Simply Squats (I like alliteration, and I’m pretty good at squats). I’m going to try to keep it simplistic, because fitness shouldn’t be complicated. If you are interested, take a look. If you aren’t – good news for you, no more fitness post clogging up this travel blog!

On a travel friendly note, we found out that there really isn’t a way to get to the mountain we want to climb right now, since there is construction, the bus no longer goes anywhere near there and the path to the top is hard to find if you aren’t with someone who has been before. Boo! Oh well, we’ll figure out some more adventures before we leave.

We also had Knossos pretty much to ourselves the other day (minus one other tourist). It was quite beautiful there.




Update on the Mosquito Situation: I have at least 15 bites on my face, one of which is on my lip. It has become a nightly ritual to wander the bedroom and squish them with the flick of a towel. Once I think I have got them all, I try to go to sleep, and inevitably heard the buzzing again. Needless to say, I haven’t been sleeping that well.

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