Random Acts of Fitness

As you may have noticed, sometimes I talk less about how we are travelling and more about how I am working out while we are traveling. This is simply because that’s what I have been doing with a lot of my time, since I now have literally no excuse to keep me from getting healthier.

A challenge came to me from the Get in Shape with About Time 6 Week Holiday Workout Challange: “take a video of yourself doing workout moves in a public place.” I saw that and went, “hells yes.” I grabbed Chad, he grabbed his camera and we wandered around the city centre and made the following video today (link should go to the video on YouTube). I hope you enjoy.


P.S. As a side note, I can tell you about the jeans I am wearing in the video, which only became mine yesterday.

They were half slung in a dumpster with some other clothing. The dumpster had been emptied within the last day, so they weren’t touching anything, and I grabbed them as I walked past on a whim. Figured they wouldn’t fit, but if not, I could at least make some patches for my other jeans (which are now way too big and have huge holes in the thighs).

They fit! In fact, they are slightly too big, but that’s what belts are for.

I’m assuming someone tossed them because the back of the leg was getting a hole at the bottom, like someone had been stepping on it, but
fortunately, I’m super short and had to roll the hems up 3 times for them to be the right length, which makes that defect null and void. I don’t usually go for light denim, but free is free.

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One thought on “Random Acts of Fitness

  1. Sarah

    So proud of you Kathy! Great video! Makes me want to work out in our round-a-bout! lol

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