Blast from the Past

While sitting here, completely awake due to the dreaded mosquitos, I received the following e-mail (from a send I didn’t know, and with no subject; I know, I live dangerously):


One of my students is doing your creepy monologue and needs to have an authors name. What name would you like him to use?
Kevin Edgar
Drama Teacher
Power High School
Power, MT”
How odd…
I sat here and went, “huh, well, that is way to specific to be spam and it isn’t try to scam me or get my to buy something.” So I looked up this man’s name and city/state, and yes, he is in fact a real person. The I looked up my name and “creepy monologue”. Nothing came up. I tried just “creepy monologue” and found a page I haven’t thought of in ten years.
Behold, a project from Writing 12, a course I took during my last year of high school.
I replied to Mr. Edgar with my name and how to say my surname (“trit” like “wit” and “hardt” like “heart”) and thanked his student for chosing my work.
Now I’ll have to reread all this stuff and cringe (hopefully not too much – I mean, kids in drama classes in the states are doing my monologues, after all).
EDIT: So, I scanned through them, and they aren’t so bad. Just don’t bother with the one called “Jail”. Now that I have skimmed a bit, I remember having written those one acts/monologues, but haven’t thought of most of them since high school.
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One thought on “Blast from the Past

  1. definately creepy!!!!!

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