Rain, Rain, Go Away

Although yesterday was a dazzling example of what weather should always been when living on a island in the middle of the ocean, today has decided to make up for it with rain and grey cloud moodiness. We were able to get outside during a break in the rain to grab a couple six packs of water (yes, I live life dangerously, and yes, I’ll be delighted when we get back to parts of the world were I can just drink the tap water instead of purchasing water bottles), some more dolmades (yum!) and rice for dinner. The sun is setting now (it’s about 5:15pm), so unless we decide to explore in the dark, our plans to go into the city centre will have to wait until tomorrow.

No matter, though, we have plenty of time. I got another great sleep (after fearing that I wouldn’t because my hips were really sore from working out, which made getting to sleep a challenge), and finished my fitness calendars and workout routine before Chad got out of bed. I’m also doing really well at completing my daily writing project – I have decided to write one page per day in 2013 (standard font size, standard page in Microsoft office). I’m also posting each page daily on a different blog. It’s a work of fiction that is written journal style, and although I might end up hating what I have written within the next week and wanting to quit, it is a goal of mine to stop taking myself so seriously. I didn’t make a goal of writing something good, I just made the goal that I would stick with writing a page of fiction a day in one continuous plot. If you are interested, you can find it at A Year In the Life of Miriam Summers. It is an interesting challange, because if there are plot holes, I can’t just edit them out, as the previous days are posted online. I just have to work my way through this story, and not worry about editing. Perhaps I’ll get slammed for it, but I doubt that anyone is going to read it every day, let alone read it that closely.

We weren’t the only ones taking cover from the rain, it seems. We found this visitor in the bedroom (on the floor, thankfully, not in a bed) and politely asked him to take a trip back outside:


We also have tons of teeny, tiny snails living outside our door (and at least one large one, although have haven’t seen him/her since the first day), so I will try to remember to snag a few pictures of them at some point.

The best part about gross weather is curling up with tea and a book. I’m working my way through the Kathy Reichs books. I’ve read a few before, but I am reading them in order this time (so I can see what goes on with the Andrew Ryan subplot), and have made it as far as “Monday Mourning” which is the seventh book in the series (which, I believe, has fourteen books). What would I do on this trip without my Kobo? My best friend would be delighted to know I have all of the Potter books on there, although I still haven’t read a single one (I tried when they first came out, but after page 10 of the first book, I gave it back to my little brother, completely uninterested; I’ve seen movies 1, 2, and 4 – missing 3 because said bestie complained so much about changes that I never got around to it).

Island life is much less stressful than Athens. We are really enjoying it. And Antonia, our landlady, keeps making baked goods, which Chad is enjoying. She also had home made jam (made from figs), home made olive oil, home made vinegar, fresh picked lemons and oranges, and herbs she collected herself waiting in the apartment when we arrived. I like her, and not just because she said I reminded her of her daughter when we first met. She’s sweet, and also enjoys island life much more than the stress of the city.

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