A World Full Of New

New Year, New Island, New Eating Habits and New Fitness Challenges. That’s what hit me all at once yesterday, and I’m saying, “come at me, bro!”

Besides having to get used to writing 2013 instead of 2012, there isn’t much that is daunting about ringing in another calendar year. Sure, you could say that we are one year closer to several things – medical advancements, “Firefly” finally coming back on the air (I wish!), Marty McFly visiting our year, impending “big” birthdays, and for the pessimists, death. However, it isn’t as though time if going faster. It is still going at the rate of one second per second; just that we have arrived at a set time doesn’t mean much, unless your passport is now expired (Chad, you are so lucky you have a Swiss passport, because your Canadian one is expired now).

As for the New Island, last night Chad and I boarded the Superfast XII to Crete. We are used to trips on BC Ferries, which are 1 hour and 35 minutes long, on a boat that has comfortable enough seating for what you would expect, and overpriced “captive market” eateries (thanks for the terminology, Tourism diploma!). This was different. Firstly, it is about a 9 hour sailing time. People can choose to either stay on deck,or check into a room (being budget travellers, I’m sure you can guess which option we took). The people who check into rooms get bell men to take their luggage and direct them to their room. Bell men. In vests, jackets and bow ties. The decor was also really nice, and if you didn’t want to eat with the riff raff in the 2-3 different self-serve locations, there was a fine dining restaurant. I snuck a picture and kept going before the saw the huge holes in my jeans.

Superfast XII Dining

For us regular Jo’s (I spell it without the “e,” one, because I am a girl, and two, because it is the short form of my Mother’s name, Joanne), there was a wide selection of coffee beverages, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, rolls, and salads. Unfortunately, I had no idea what was in the one salad on the list that might fit my new dietary habit, and didn’t want to hassle the attendants. This is why I packed water, almonds and apples for the trip, and Chad had a cheese roll of some persuasion, as well as a really tasty looking milkshake.

Speaking of New Eating Habits, I’ve decided to follow a pretty basic idea for this month’s intake:
honey & cinnamon (and other various spices/herbs as the mood hits me)

This means no pasta, bread, meat, cheese or alcohol. Although I hope to eventually make the switch to being vegan permanently, travelling is not the time to make that switch. However, since we are in the same place until the end of January, and we are trying to keep our budget down, this restrictive diet will help to ensure we don’t dine out so much (unless there is a vegan restaurant in town I don’t know about).

I know that when we get back to the UK and are moving around a little nomads, it will be much more of a challenge to eat this way. I also know when we visit Grace in February that the no alcohol thing will go right out the window (ditto for St. Paddy’s day in Ireland) but I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m just wanting to really jump-start my weight loss to help speed my fitness goals.

On that note, New Fitness Goals: I have been doing a 6 week workout program by The Get In Shape Girl that I really enjoy, because everything is laid out for me and I don’t have to think about which exercises I should do every day. I’m midway through week 4, and after it is finished, there are tons of programs I have found online that I can follow, to keep in the groove. I’ve also found a ton of fitness challenge calendars for the month of January, and have decided to do the challenges on those every day (each calendar has something small, such as “10 sit ups, 5 push ups, 15 squats” each day, and I’m doing about 4-5 calendars, so that gives me variety while also building on my current routine). I’m also slowly working through the 100 Push Up Challenge (most I have been able to do is 30, although Chad says I’m not doing them right), so that is exciting. I’m also making sure I listen to my body. If it thinks it is hungry, I give it some water (thirst often presents as hunger). If it is still hungry, I feed it. If it is tired, I let it rest (but that doesn’t mean I sit on my butt all day and do absolutely nothing). Today was a rest day, as I didn’t do my usual program, but we did go for a walk to find a grocery store (all together over 6km of walking around town today) and I did the challenges on my calendars. That is enough to make sure I keep going but don’t over do it. I don’t want an injury getting in my way.

So, what’s new for you?

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