Sick But Determined

Chad and I both managed to wake up with some variation of sickness yesterday. We must have looked like high-functioning Zombies when we ventured to the supermarket for soup (unable to find any in a can but found some that you make in a cup by adding water that was delicious – Tandori Chicken), juice, and things that just made us feel happy (pitas, feta and, from what we can figure out from the label, chocolate covered honey). The market is getting busier and busier as the holiday approaches.

Once we ventured home and started the sickness regime of drinking tea and soup, Chad and I decided to catch up on “How I Met Your Mother”. Since we were a season and a half behind what has aired, this took until 6:30am, but was totally worth it. However, it means my sleep schedule is still very weird to me considering I got out of bed at 4pm (although this is generally normal for Chad). If I were at home and kept these hours in that time zone, they might make a little more sense (6:30am bedtime would be 8:30pm at home, which is 10 time zones behind – a little early, granted, but I’m sick – and 4pm wake up would have been 6am wake up – which also seems early unless I’m getting up to work out before the day really starts).

Speaking of working out, the worst part about being sick, outside of the symptoms, is not being able to work out. I’m working pretty hard to keep to a schedule, and yesterday was my second rest day of the week, which wasn’t supposed to happen until Sunday. This means I have two more workouts to do from the Get in Shape Girl Holiday workout plan before I dive directly into week 3 on Monday. Today will be Week 2 Workout 4 – HIIT Cardio and Abs, and I just hope I can do it without feeling like I am going to throw up.

I have faith in myself though, because I just completed this challenge:

It is supposed to be an at least six week training regime to get someone up to doing 200 Squats in a row. I skipped weeks 1 and 2, knowing that I was pretty close to already being able to do this based on the Ten Minute Squat Challenge I did a while ago for fun (as many squats as possible in 10 minutes – I did 282 with a few short breaks; unlike on a treadmill, ten minutes goes by really fast when you are trying to do AMRAP – as many reps as possible). Today I did the end of Week 4 Fit Test, which is really just doing as many reps as possible to see your progress. I easily did the 200! I think I’ll keep doing the “training” for it, mostly because I am also doing the Hundred Pushup Challenge, and use the squats as my rest time between rounds of pushups. I’m not nearly as good at pushups, although I was able to do 20 in a row today, which is progress, so I’ll take it.

Well, I need to go work up the nerve to start 3 rounds of High Intensity Interval Training (and also look up a couple of the moves – like Boat Pose; good thing the guide comes with instructions for all the moves). I know my pace has been slowed, but I am not going to give up.

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