Alright, what is the next Global Phenomenon that we are supposed to fear? Seems we have kicked Y2K and the end of the Mayan Calendar.

In other news, I didn’t lose the last game of Chess I played with Chad last night. (I’m new to Chess, because it makes me feel stupid, so I haven’t played it very much, because I hate feeling stupid.) He was down to just his king, penned in by four pawns, a rook, a bishop and my queen, but no one had ever told me about the stalemate rule – since it was his turn and he couldn’t move, no one won. If I were a jackass, that board would have been flipped. As it stands, I spend a lot of time swearing when I play Chess, and am grateful that Chad knows it is not at all at him (I love you, Chad).

Next, we find something I’m good at so I can raise my self esteem a little, okay?

So why was I up after realizing that Athens was not going to be set on Fire or some such nonsense? I really did try to fix my broken sleep pattern and go to bed just after midnight, but then I got a sore throat so bad that it kept me up another four hours. I tried to fix it with non-caffeinated tea with honey and lemon, and suggested playing a game of Chess while I drank my tea (don’t do that when you are trying to keep stress-free, silly!).

Miraculously, I am up before noon. I haven’t quite figured out if I am sick or not. I have a few body aches, and might have slept a little funny when I did finally fall asleep. My throat is less sore, but not better. At least I know where I can from some Strepsils, if I need them, but I’m really hoping nothing hurts so much that I need to consider the pain killers I got the other day; they eventually decreased my joint pain and headahce, but replaced them with terrible nausea. You win some, you lose some.

Which is why I want to play another game of Chess when Chad gets up. There’s no way to get better without practice/learing, after all.


P.S. I waited for midnight to come (which would obviously dawn the apocolypse) by listening to “Save Yourself” by Joey Clarkson. You can find her music, for free, here, or visit her Facebook page.

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