It’s All Greek To Me

As Chad can vividly attest to, I get pretty upset at times when I don’t particularly feel smart:

When I keep getting us lost because I can’t figure out what is wrong with the streets in Athens.
When I’m feeling sick and my mind goes to mush.
When I sabatoge my diet because I’m sick in favour of getting comfort food because I am sick, but take ten minutes to located the English writing on the label.

I just have to say – thank goodness countries in Europe are really small compared to Canada – otherwise, I highly doubt that manufacturers would put instructions in several languages on their packages. I also feel incredibly lucky to have grown up in a primarily English speaking country, because that is the language, besides Greek, that I can find most often.

A great example would be the new Acropolis Museum – their video displays play over and over, althernating Greek with English subtitles and English with Greek subtitles. I would probably feel even less intelligent and able to handle the situation if I had a different first language.

Speaking of the new Acropolis Museum, it is absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend visiting, and visiting the Acropolis itself if you ever have the means. Seeing all those replicas of the different pieces that originally adorned the temple was breath taking. The floors in many areas are glass, so you can look at the ruins (or people, depending on where you are) below. Visiting this attraction is probably not the day to wear your new skirt, though…

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