Lost in Athens

Chad and I attempted to go on a free walking tour of Athens today.

I suppose, technically, we did, but there was no guide and a lot of “we aren’t lost, we are on an adventure”. Google maps didn’t exactly get us to where we were supposed to go, and when we tried to get back to the main road that leads back to the road we are lving on, we got all sorts of turned around.

It really doesn’t help when not only do you not know the language, but you don’t know the alphabet. Sure, most of the road signs have the “English” version of the street on them, but even that messed us up a wee bit.

According to my step counter, on this journey, we walked 10.92km, which for me is 17622 steps, 16570 of which were aerobic (and that’s 144 minutes of aerobic walking today, which basically means the stop lights didn’t mess up my stride during those minutes). Calories burned: 541. Perhaps I should get lost more often.

Unfortunately, what we didn’t realize about Athen’s streets before this adventure is that they go off on crazy angles, so when you think you have just turned North, you may, in fact, have just turned East(ish).

But we found home, and Chad only got one blister from his new shoes, and has gone for a nap after being awesome and fixing them internet for me so I could relay this misadventure to those of you who are vicariously coming along on this adventure.

And when you get lost, the bonus is you find some random things, like this picture:


Edit: Oh, totally forgot to mention that we walked by a building that had guards all around it, carrying automatic guns. That was a culture shock. Understandably, I did not take a photo.

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