Onwards to Athens!

Tomorrow morning, at 3:30am, a transfer will take us to the Faro airport (about a 40 minute drive). We will then fly to Lisbon, chill there for a little bit, fly to Frankfurt, chill there for 5 hours, and then arrive in Athens at 9:50pm. Then it is taxi time to our flat for the month, located in central Athens, where we will meet out AirBnB hosts, tour the two bedroom apartment and likely either be too excited to sleep or pass out cold.

As I pointed out to Chad – we’ll be in the 3 countries in 1 day. Since Chad has only been to a total of 4 countries (as of this moment), that is fabulous.

We enjoyed our stay here at Clube Maria Luisa. The staff are very nice, and since our washing machine decided to go on the fritz, they washed and dried (which is a big deal, being that before we were hand drying things and it took forever because it is humid) our clothing for us whenever we needed it.

I’m excited to see the Greek alphabet everywhere, and have found a free tour of the town, which will help us get out and explore. I’m looking forward to seeing the sites and getting cosy in another place to call home.

As for today, though, we need to pack, leave the kitchen relatively clean (because I don’t like being a jerk to the staff, but there is only so much cleaning we can do with what we have), decide how we are going to do this whole sleeping thing (likely a small nap for me with Chad coding in the living room, if I know him at all). We can sleep on the trasnfer. And the flights. And in the airports, depending on the noise level.

It’ll be an odd day for trying to keep up with my fitness plan, but I can leave Chad with out bags and walk around. We might even spend some time outside in Frankfurt, if the weather is pleasant.

The downside to only having one pair of jeans on this trip (I started with two, but my full length jeans were pitched before we left Glitch and Rachel’s due to massive holes in the thigs) is that I’ve worn them nearly every day and the small holes I remember spotting at the beginning of the month are now extremely big. I will be putting tights on under the jeans before we leave for the airports, and hopefully finding somewhere to shop on the cheap when we get to Athens. We didn’t really find any good clothing shopping venues on our adventures here (besides one cramped shop in which Chad got shoes for less than €10 and I sighed in despair at all the jeans and trousers being size Small or Extra Small), but since we will be in the city centre in Athens, I’m sure I can find something. I just hope they don’t take up too much of my €6/day budget. A girl has got to eat!

Speaking of, Chad took me for a romantic dinner last night, which was lovely. We had a really nice, thick vegetable soup, swordfish and vegetables, and I had a piece cake (couldn’t for the life of me tell you what kind, but it was yummy) and Chad had the chocolate mousse (we traded a bite for a bite and his was very tasty, too). Throughout the meal, a bottle of Portuguege red wine filled our cups, and minus the waiter and chef, we were the only ones there. Swordfish, by the way, is lovely when it is grilled.

As a special shout out to two people who are way to busy at the moment to even think about reading my blog (and this is perfectly understandable, but I wanted to share this anyway), my brother and his fiancee are now the proud parents of an 8 lbs 4 ounce buddle of joey, named Elspeth (nickname Raptor). Congrats, Jade and Alex! I cannot wait to meet her when Chad and I return for your wedding in April!

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