RuPaul’s “Champion” Workout – I Made It Myself!

Even though Chad and I are travelling, I am very aware that I need to get into a health shape, firstly because I’m not getting any younger, and secondly because I want to look really good in my brother’s wedding photos. Trying to get fit while travelling is a challenge, but I like challenges.

Case and point, I decided to make up a workout to do along with RuPaul’s “Champion” (done while listening to the album). Keep in mind I have no equipment, but if one was so inclined, they could use weights for things like lunges and squats:

Main Event – Let’s get this party started with as many squats as I can do during this song.

Jealous of my Boogie – Dance Around Like People Are Jealous of My Boogie

Cover Girl – Jumping jacks, as many as possible. Should I mention I intend to track how many of each type of move I do every time I do this workout?

Tranny Chaser – Side lunges with arm raises (chest height). This burns after a while.

LadyBoy – Front kicks with alternate hand punch.

Champion – Run on the spot with your hands up like Mohammad Ali.

Never Go Home Again – Crunches. Do as many as you can. No mat and hard floor means standing Knees to Elbows.

Destiny is Mine – A combination of planks and push ups. Do a plank until you can’t any more, then switch. Do push ups until you can’t any more, then go back to plank.

Let’s Turn The Night – Russian Twists. Remember to sit on a pillow when on a horribly hard floor.

Devil Made Me Do It – Sumo squats (also called plie squats) – because everyone needs more squats.

Theme From Drag Race – Jump rope on the spot – no rope needed!

Throw Ya Hands Up – Burpees. Because I wouldn’t be able to do the rest of the workout if I did these any earlier than the end.

I’ve also made myself a handy-dandy spread sheet, on which I will be recording the dates on which I manage to do this specific work out, not to mention how many reps I manage to do.

Would you like to know how day one went?


Water breaks happened whenever I needed them, without pausing the minutes. After all that, I’m surprised I was even able to think about burpees. In truth, they weren’t even technically well done. I started walking my feet back and forth instead of jumping.

But this is a starting place. I need to beat each of these scores next time, and the time after that.

The most pathetic was my Planks/Push Ups category. I need to work on those. I was hoping the fact that I have been doing 50 push ups a day (in 5 sets) for a week now would have made those improve, but I’ll keep working. I really need to get my planks longer, too. I was happily surprised at the 40 second hold, but was saddened by the only 15 second hold the second time around. If I’m honest, after those 12 push ups in the second round, I skipped to the next song so I would have more time to write this blog post before the internet needs to be returned. I know, I shouldn’t skip out on things, but I am going to do a little more work out once the internet is gone to make up for it.

I’m sweating buckets, which is a good sign. My legs aren’t killing me, which puts some proof to my idea that my legs actually do have a lot of muscle in them.

All in all, this is a totally doable workout. It is fun because the music is so dancy (and I’m a huge RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, so that helps my mind wander to fun parks of the show).

I want to do better. Perhaps I should replace at least one of the “Dance! Run! Jump!” sections with something else, but for now, they are valuable water break times, since I’m not counting any repetitions.

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One thought on “RuPaul’s “Champion” Workout – I Made It Myself!

  1. Brava chiquitita! Great place to start, and from the looks of it, you’ve set yourself up with a challenging, yet maintainable and sustainable level of work. There are places where you’ll be able to push yourself in the future, and you’ve already identified some of the things you want to work on. The most exciting part is when you actually have a noticeable improvement in one of them, and you just kinda feel like a total champ. I love those moments!! They never get old 😀

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