Thunder and Lightning

Although it wouldn’t be cause for celebration in the eyes of Taryn, my best friend, we have had two major Thunder and Lightning storms while we have been in Portugal (Taryn is scared of them).

I find the absolutely beautiful. Chad and I sat out on our patio one night to watch the first one, and then when the lightning started moving out of the sight from out patio, we wandered down to the entrance, with out glasses of rum and juice in tow, and watched from there. The rain was coming down like nobody’s business, but that didn’t seem to bother the Scottish Man and the Couple from Manchester who came stumbling back in from a pub while we sat at the entrance. Even though we wouldn’t want to be out in that rain, we sat for a very long time watching the weather, bundled up and sipping our drinks.

The second storm was spread out over a couple of days with a few breaks (I consider it all one storm, even with a bit of clear in the middle). There was sheet lightning that brought be back to staying on the 23rd floor in Moscow within my first few nights in Russia in 2004. The thunder vs lightning count was all over the map. One minute the count was 3, the next it was 18, then next it was 6.

I love that we are so close to the water. We’ve gotten some beautiful shots.

I’m glad we decided to spend nearly a month here. The rent is cheap, the food is cheap (as long as we don’t get carried away on how cheap the alcohol is – because that gets the price up quickly), the weather amazes and confuses us, and it is a beautiful place to visit.

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