Portugal – It Rains Here, Too!

Greetings friends and family who follow these adventures. Chad and I made it to Portugal safe and sound (which everyone reading this likely already knows via Facebook). The first day was incredibly hot, to the point where I almost made Chad sit somewhere else on the resort transfer bus, because his body heat was making me even more sweaty. I didn’t though, and we enjoyed a lovely ride to our resort, Clube Maria Louisa.

I must say, this hotel room, which we have for 29 night at a rate of $480, is nicer than our apartment we had in Campbell River. We have a kitchen complete with clothes washer (yay), a bathroom with a toilet and urinal (because gents like options and ladies like challenges?), a comfy bedroom, a living room with fireplace (not sure if that is something that ever gets used) and dining table, and a balcony with a very small view of the ocean (which was actually the same for out place in Campbell River). We arrived as it was getting dark, so the lady who checked us in advised that we probably wanted to hit the “mercado” (market) about five minutes away so we could make some dinner (the bar and restaurant are closed in the off-season). We did, and it is excellent to have a market so close. There is a intermerado (supermarket) about 10-15 minutes away, at which we did a bigger shop on our second day. We then lounged by the pool and read, as it was a little too cold to go in the pool (I tried and failed). Chad had a lot of programming to do, but I managed to nip down to the beach while it was raining a little and grab some photos. Later, I made a really delicious pasta dish with a sauce of sauted mushrooms and garlic that I then added some red wine to, let that cook down a wee bit and then added a tomato sauce from the intermercado. It was quite yummy, and likely will be our dinner again tonight (minus the red wine, because we drank that – it wasn’t very good on its own, which is to be expected for €3 a bottle, so we mixed it with juice).

Today, the forecast called for rain, with a chance of thunderstorms. We were foolish and decided when the rain let up that it was done. It was not. We were going to walk into town, and about 1.5 minutes into our journey we decided to just do a booze run at the mercado and come back. By the time we reached the mercado, a five-minute walk, we were soaked through and there was a minute where the rain was so bad that I couldn’t see where I was going.

We ended up grabbing provisions, enough to definitely keep us until at least tomorrow, and probably two days more if we tried (minus alcohol, because the bottle of rum we got won’t last that long) and retreated. We stripped out of our sopping wet clothing, hung it in the bathroom and got into our jammies. Rum is already in our cups, and Chad is blissfully playing a video game while I battle the internet to allow me to write this blog post (it wouldn’t let me upload any pictures, though – sorry about that).

It looks like I will be done “A Dance With Dragons” much sooner than anticipated, considering we aren’t supposed to have a non-rainy day until Tuesday and I’m already more than half way through the book. Then I can join the hoards of people waiting another 6 years or so for George R. R. Martin to hurry up and release the next book, filled with useless descriptions of even bit of food they ate and histories that have no reason to be there. I’m enjoying the series, but wish there were less characters (and not in a “he should kill even more people off” sort of way) because it has gotten to the point where I cannot seem to care about the new ones he introduces.

On the plus side, at least we didn’t waste the effort of showering before we left our room today.

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