Last Day in Edinburgh for 2012

Chad and I saved the Edinburgh Castle for our last day here. I really wish my membership was still valid, because paying £14.50 each to get in was overkill. We also picked the rainiest day since we’ve been here, so that was probably not the best idea, but if you wait for the rain to stop, you won’t do much in Edinburgh.

However, as carefully planned, we did get front row spots to watch the One O’Clock Gun go off, which is my favourite part about visiting the castle.

The gun goes off every day at one o’clock (except Sundays and a few holidays), traditionally to give an audible signal to ships in the port of Leith as to when it is one o’clock. However, they keep doing it for funsies. I like it.

Amazingly, Chad and I have already packed for our trip to Portugal tomorrow. I have decided to part ways with my one fun-length pair of jeans at this point, since they have holes in the thighs and we want to make sure we aren’t even slight over weight, as the luggage restrictions on this flight are harsh (10 kilos each of hand luggage and up to 15 kilos in our one, shared, checked bag – we were sitting at 16.8 kilos on the way over, but ditching jeans and having used up some of the tiny tolietries I have been hoarding from hotels for years should do the trick).

We are also super glad that Glitch and Rachel, the couple whose spare room we have invaded since our arrival, will be back at some point today (away a few days for a conference) so we can see them again before we depart nice and early tomorrow (already have the bus fare to the airport counted out). We are so grateful that they have allowed us to stay this entire time when originally our plan was to stay for a few days and while looking for a place to rent for the rest of the trip (before we decided on country-hoping instead). Thanks Glitch and Rachel! You are amazing people!

Later tonight, we will be heading to the Royal Mile with our mate Kelly to watch the Samhuinn festivities. I’m excited to see it again, and I’m sure there will be at least one point where a performer scares the daylights of our Chad, which is always entertaining.

It is going to be sad to leave this lovely city, but in reality, we are on our way to PORTUGAL, where neither of us have ever been, and it is going to be warm, sometimes sunny, and we get to struggle with a language barrier. ADVENTURE!

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One thought on “Last Day in Edinburgh for 2012

  1. Dot

    safe journy my friend’s!

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