Clones, Tall Buildings and Scottish Food

So, I have a bunch of miscellaneous items floating around on my “things I could write about on the blog” notepad, so I figure it is time to just smush them all together into one random post!

Firsly, Clones: I guess, technically, it is just the one clone, but it sounded better as a plural for the title.

I took Chad to the National Museum the other day (P.S. Have I mentioned that I love that museums are free in the UK? That is seriously wonderful). It was under construction the last time I was here (construction being one of the perminent features throughout the city – otherwise, the scafolding companies would have no where to put their scafolding) but it is fully open now. We wandered around for a couple hours before we got tired, and we didn’t come close to seeing everything there is to see. However, I did make sure to wander through the “Discovery” section (read: children play place with awesome stuff) so that Chad could see Dolly, the famed cloned she. Here is a sneaky arial view, because I was unsure as to if we were allowed to take photos.

She is stuffed and in a glass box that rotates all day to the delight of children and people like myself. Other highlights included this awesome clock – I did not stop to see what its origin happens to be.

It is about as tall as I am. We still need to go back and see the rest of the floors, but one of our favourite displays were these cases that contained different ancient jewelry.

Tall Buildings: (Although there are lots of tall buildings in Edinburgh, I am again only talking about one; what is it that makes having plural items in a title sound so much better?) Another excellent adventure that we saved for a clear moment in a typically overcast day was climbing the Walter Scott Monument, which is currently the tallest monument to a writer in the world. It is 287 steps to the top, broken up into 4 viewing decks that give a wonderful view of the castle, Leith, Musselburgh, Arther’s Seat, Old Town, New Town… well, you get the point. Chad finally busted out his camera (being that he is a videographer back home, his camera takes much nicer shots than my point and click digital Canon) so it was nice to see some really lovely shots (although mine are okay). For example, here is one of my shots from our trip up the tower.

This photo overlooks the forever ongoing tram works on Princes’ Street (it was supposed to be done last year, but now they are saying 2014 – no one is holding their breath). I enjoy that you are also looking at the shadow of the tower. Here is another great view from the top.

I never tire of living in a place with a castle, especially one on top of an extinct volcano.

Scottish Food: Before we left, Joey made us a list of challenges for our adventure. One included eating haggis with nothing to wash it down with except a dram of Scotch. Although Chad hasn’t completed that mission, I certainly have. Before I even got to “doing the challenge,” I had had haggis in at least a couple different full Scottish Breakfasts. I enjoy haggis. The Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street still does a mean veggie haggis, as well, so this challenge was no problem for me. (I had my haggis and scotch medley at the Bank Bar, whose portions have gotten a lot smaller since last I was here; I had to order another meal because I knew we would be hitting Brew Dog after and didn’t want to be sick if I sampled “too much”.)

Chad has discovered the cheap and wonderfulness of Wetherspoons, and since there are two within 5 minutes of walking from the flat we are currently staying in, he always wants to go there when we grab a cheap eat. To be fair, burger, chip and a pint of Strongbow for £4.99 is a pretty budget friendly deal. I have a feeling that he might take his laptop there and program on their free wifi while having the same deal again at some point today.

Other than that, things are going grand. I think we finally might have a semi-normal sleep pattern going. tMy downfall was taking “naps” around dinner time and then not waking up until 8pm, then figuring I might as well just go back to sleep. Horrible idea. I would have had more willpower to stay awake if it wasn’t for this cold, but c’est la vie.

Also, Grace will be visiting Edinburgh to see us soon, and I cannot wait to see her again! It has been way too long, and I know that will be full of excellent times. Now, as soon as Chad is ready (it is still early while I write this), we’ll go find some more adventures so I have something interesting to say again soon.

(P.S. I went to sleep after reading much more of “A Feast for Crows” last night and had a really shite “Songs of Ice and Fire” inspired dream: none of the characters we know and love were there, but an endless supply of the characters that George R.R. Martin likes to describe but actually mean nothing to the plot. It was like being stuck in a freaking Davos chapter, and as Chad put it when I told him, “This is my nightmare”. Poor Davos got my wrath because he was the first “new” character to have chapters, which just annoyed the hell out of me. If Martin stopped killing everyone off, he wouldn’t have to write chapters for “new” characters. End rant.)

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