Brew Dog

We tired an excellent pub yesterday that didn’t exist the last time I was in Edinburgh – Brew Dog. They brew their own beer, and have excellent names/flavours. Some of their beers have so much alcohol in them that they only sell them by the half pint, third of a pint, or one ounce. I, of course, tried several, while Chad had some Kraken rum and coke (he’s not a beer man).

Martin and James, the owners, were bored of industry brewed beers and decided to do things their way. I’m glad they did, because they make some delicious beer. If I had more space in my luggage, I would have got a t-shirt.

I had a pint of Punk IPA (5.6%).

I had a half pint of something whose name I don’t remember (larger percentage).

I taste tested about 4 different beers, including Alice Porter (yummy!).

And Then was told I had to have a Tactical Nuclear Penguin (1oz, 32%) and a Sink the Bitmark (1oz, 42%). They were tasty, but they both kick you right in the face (but it is a kick to the face that you somehow don’t mind, strangely).

Highly recommend that if you are ever in any of the cities in which they have bars (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Camden, Nottingham, Newcastle or Manchester, with pubs coming soon to Birmingham, Bristol, and Shoreditch), visit them. You won’t be disappointed.

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