Idina Menzel’s First Gig in Scotland

So I found out yesterday morning that Idina Menzel was going to be in Edinburgh for one night only last night. This caused me a lot of glee, and initially some heart ache as I could only find tickets that I cannot really afford if I am to stay on budget. I found out later that this was to be her first ever performance in Scotland.

However, paying £28.50 to sit second row from the back of the second balcony was 100% worth it (especially since I was exactly in the centre and could take some sneaky pictures of the stage). Besides listening to her amazing voice, a highlight was hearing her say “fuck it” in regards to wearing shoes on stage. I love when classy, elegant women in ballgowns swear!

The set list included:

-Somewhere Over the Rainbow
-The Wizard and I
-Don’t Rain on My Parade
-Love for Sale/Roxanne
-Both Sides Now
-At the Ballet
-What I Did For Love
-Take Me or Leave Me (after asking an audience member to help her off the stage, Gone With The Wind style, she had audience members sing the duet bit – I really wish I could have afforded tickets in the Stalls, but £60+ would mean foregoing eating for a while, and I proved last night after a little bit of wine and cider -purchased for me by lovely friends- that that is dangerous)
-No Day But Today (she had us sing along at the end)
-For Good (a cappella and without her microphone – and I heard it loud and clear all the way at the very back of Usher Hall)
-Defying Gravity

She also did an original song, but I cannot seem to find the title (might not be recorded yet – I want to call it “That Was I”) and her second encore was a song by a couple of Tony Award winners that also hasn’t been recorded yet. I was too awestruck to try to write down song titles/lyrics, so the above list is from memory. I know there was more, as it was a 2 hour show.

**Looking in the front row** “I love to check the front row to see if there are any straight men in it. I love my boys, but finding a straight man in the front row is just so rare!”

She also talked about getting her start in music as a wedding singer, which was lots of fun. She gave us a few lines of Firework and Single Ladies (song she’d likely sing if she was still a wedding singer) and her piano player made her stumble through some of Girl from Ipanema.

It was absolutely delightful to watch her and her 25 piece orchestra on stage. She is incredibly charming and you can tell she has a huge heart. I am so happy I was able to attend this fabulous show.

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