17000 Steps, then 17 Hours of Sleep

Our first real day in Edinburgh was absolutely brilliant. After deciding we had slept ebough so that we wouldn’t have a completely messed up sleeping pattern, Chad and I got up and I took him around the city.

We started by walking to this really excellent metallic model so I could show him the difference between Old Town and New Town. I then walked him up a hugh set of stairs (as one does in Edinburgh) and proceeded to wander up to the Royal Mile, then over, down, around, through the Grass Market, up Candlemaker Row, through Greyfriars, back to the Mile, to the Childrens’ Museum (beause it is one of the smallest and creepiest museums in Edinburgh), up to the Baked Potato Shop (I love veggie haggis on baked potatos, and Chad tried the veggie haggis samosa – yum). We then scared the crap out of a bartender while trying to see if the Jolly Judge was open (it was not) and then went for a pint of Best at Castle Arms, where we, true to our geek couple fashion, read our books for a while. Since it was about 20 minutes to 1pm, I decided it was time to go up and over the Royal Mile and down to Princes’ Street Gardens in time for the gun. Since you can see the smoke before you hear the shot, Chad jumped. He has super reflexes, after all.

From there, we wander to the gallery just up from the floral clock, but soon ran away when we saw there was an admission price. I then showed Chad a second graveyard, Calton Hill and we wandered back to Glitch and Rachel’s. According to my not-dorky-at-all step counter, we walked over 17000 steps, which is just about 10km.

Upon returning to the flat to check the internet, Chad and I found out that if you plug a Canadian power bar into an UK outlet with an adapter, it explodes. Let me tell you, that didn’t sound or smell very pleasant. Not at all. But at least we have two adaptors between us, so this shouldn’t matter, at least until we hit the mainland and need to purchase a whole new adapter.

For dinner, since we were both starting to fade and needed to eat before we fell asleep and messed up our sleeping pattern, I took Chad to “Jekyll and Hydes” (note to self: always remember, lads toilet on the right, ladies on the left – I never remember which is which until I push one of the books because I figure I have a 50/50 chance). Thank goodness for cheap food (2 meals for 8 quid).

Upon returning to the flat, Chad had a nap anyway, and when he woke up, I had made a new friend. Rachel’s mate Charley had come over to check her grades after getting a document in the post that declared she was to receive her Masters. Charley is delightfully odd in a most fabulous way and we all drank many bottles of wine. At trip to the corner store for more wine and snacks left Charley looking at her wallet asking, “where are my cards?” and my wallet becoming a little lighter. This earned me the nickname M’lady Canada (as she’d already decided to call me Canada, as she names people based on from where they come, but added M’lady because I saved her).

I fully expected a hang over the next morning. I even grabbed my water bottle and made sure to drink as much as I could manage before going to sleep. I did not expect, however, to wake up 12 hours later with a cold that made it so I was unable to speak. Chad, it seems, had woken up with the cold earlier, slept a little more and gotten over it. After a brief time awake (and Glitch providing us with some cough medicine), I went back to sleep for 5 more hours. When I awoke, Chad was out wandering without me (apparently nearly picking a super fancy place in which to drink coffee and read) and Glitch and Rachel were just thinking about ordering some curry. I got Lamb-something-spicy with veggie rice (and Chad returned to partake in said rice) as we all watched a few episodes of “Castle”. Not the worst day in the world, but I hope tomorrow I am able to speak properly, get dressed and adventure outside.

True to Edinburgh nature, it has been raining on and off since we arrived. However, I enjoy the sound of rain on the window above my head as I lay in bed (it’s on the slant of the roof), and even when I am walking in it, I never seem to get soaked. It is a wonderful, peaceful kind of rain in this city, and I enjoy it.

It is nearing the time that I go back to sleep, again. At some point this coming week we’ll be moving into my old place of residence, Caledonian Backpackers. Until then, we are very grateful that Glitch and Rachel have opened their home to us, even if it came with sickness.

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